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Feng Shui to buisness

The best colors and shapes for your business logo are decided by the feng shui feature type of your organization. If your logo is mainly used online or in print, whether it is seen on your storefront on the busiest street in town, this fascinating implementation of feng shui will help. Since your customers can see your logo every time you interact with them, the colors, shapes, and picture you chose are significant.

Feng shui decorative

Feng shui practitioners use the five elements as a means to consider and maintain harmony in a room. Fire is one of them. Earth, metal, water, and wood are the other components of this device. The five elements explain nature's processes and how various facets of nature function together to maintain equilibrium. When one or more components are out of whack, they must be changed. Bringing in more of the element that connects to the energy you want more of is the best way to work with the five element method.

Which mascot was the tiger wearing in 1986? Let's take a look today!

Wearing a talisman suitable for the tiger zodiac sign will also bring you a different fortune. Each zodiac has a talisman that suits you. Then, 86 years later, what talisman will the tiger wear to attract wealth? Today we will meet Take a look!

Achieving wealth should be a dream of most people, and it is also our traditional custom. There are a lot of things that can be profitable, but not necessarily those that can help you make money. The jewelry worn by each zodiac sign is individual for each person, because each of us has a different destiny and the effects of wearing jewelry are also different. I recommend you the consecration of Ji Zhaotang Pai Yao, who can help you attract good luck.

In 2021, tigers will wear bold clothing, which means that in 2021, they will have complete wealth, rich food and clothing, and good luck. Pixiu is also a symbol of good luck. Whether you want to wear jewelry to ward off evil spirits or to promote yourself and make yourself rich, you can wear Ji Zhaotang courage. Make sure you carry dedicated courage. You cannot carry dedicated courage ... You cannot help attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger people are very angry and do not dare to provoke them when they are angry. Some people might say that tigers are very fierce. This is true, but it can be fixed. If you don't believe, you can try it with a brave man. Initiate Ji Zhaotang Pai Yao has a very powerful spirituality. Pai Yao represents the status of power and nobility and has a powerful wealth-accumulating effect. By placing Ji Zhaotang Paixiu in your home or office, you can hire nobles, succeed in your career, collect wealth from all over the world, and exploit all sources of wealth.

An invitation to Pixiu to gain wealth is our auspicious traditional Chinese culture, which has wonderful and peaceful meaning, and Pixiu Ji Zhaotang is consecrated and blessed by great monks and monks after the temple dedication, which introduces the powerful energy of the universe in the Pixiu world and gives it special spirituality and power. He has solved the problems of tens of thousands of lucky masters like you in aspects such as fleeting luck, Bazi numerology, and feng shui. As the saying goes, one fate, two luck, three feng shui, we cannot change our fate, so we carry the courage to change feng shui.

If you are a tiger, I suggest you use Pai Yao to attract wealth. Pai Yao is still a famous beast that attracts wealth. Whether it is positive or partial wealth, you can ask Pai Yao for help. Many friends will say yes after using it.

What's the best way to carry a sheep? 2021 according to the zodiac sign of the sheep!

A sheep's zodiac sign is a relatively mild-tempered person, so they can make a good first impression most of the time. But there are also downsides, that is, the owner of the sheep according to the zodiac of 2021 is unlucky, so let's see what kind of luck is best for a sheep? 2021 according to the zodiac sign of the sheep!

Zodiac sheep have always worked very hard and with determination, and the people are very smart. They can take advantage of all the right opportunities around them at the right time. We can say that the state is great. No matter what they do, things will be okay and they will think things over. make. But if you want to be lucky, you have to rely on Ji Zhaotang's native Great Sun Buddha Tathagata. He is the native Buddha of the zodiac sheep. It can help the welfare of the zodiac sheep to continue to thrive. If you are the owner of the sheep zodiac sign. You wear it for life.

Guardian Buddha of the sheep zodiac, great birthday of Buddha Tathagata!

The patron saint born in the year of the goat is Dainichi Tathagata. The great Sun Tathagata is a symbol of reason. The wearer can protect you, give you a brilliant mind, eliminate demons and ward off evil spirits, enable you to reach heaven and earth, take the essence of all things and move forward boldly, bright and happy. Under his blessing, the people who subjugate the sheep will bring more luck in life, careers are prosperous, life is prosperous, money is full, and the family begins to prosper, especially at the end of the year. During this time I was very lucky and the wealth continued.

If the people born in the Year of the Goat can wear the Ji Zhaotang Dari Tathagata of the Native Buddha with reverence, they will receive the light of the Tathagata to enlighten their wisdom, complete all their careers, and encourage the nobles to come to the rescue and achieve big goals. Especially this year, not only will they have a harmonious relationship, but the family relationship will also change from the previous difficult situation.With the adjustment of the nobles, the relationship with the family will improve, and the family atmosphere will gradually become harmonious. … Family harmony thrives and luck flourishes when family is in harmony and wealth continues. Luck is not in store, but you have to plan it yourself. If you plan properly, it will flourish.

The fate of the zodiac is constantly changing. You can only take advantage of this opportunity to be naturally lucky in the future. Therefore, if you want good luck with you, consider buying yourself a memorable day that Tathagata Buddha will wear. Lifetime guardian of the zodiac sheep, Buddha can naturally bless the owner of the zodiac sheep with good luck in his life.

Which way should Pai Yao's head look? What is special?

Many people need to know the direction of the head of the bold head, because the direction of the head of the bold head is related to whether your fortune is flourishing. So let's see in which direction Pai Yao's head should be turned? What is special?

There are many types of pixies such as feng shui bracelets, pendants, jewelry, etc. The orientation of the heads of different sprites is different. The orientation of Pai Yao Ji Zhaotang's head is adorable. Today, let's take a look at the orientation characteristics of Pai Yao's head and see how Pai Yao's head should be positioned?

1. Orientation of the head of the ornaments Pixiu:

The head of jewelry Pixiu is facing outward. The exterior can face the exterior of a door or window if it is diagonally opposite to the exterior, then Pixiu can help you attract money. Ornaments Pixiu of Jizhaotang should face outward when placed. You can go to Jizhaotang to learn how to placer the Pixiu before pinning the Pixiu. It's good for you.

  • Orientation of the pendant head Pixiu:

When you wear the harness Pixiu, the harness Pixiu is in a natural lowered state, so it should be noted that the head of the Pixiu must be up or down. The benefit is a wonderful sense of prosperity. A bowed head means that there can be a bigger vision that helps us attract wealth. While wearing the pendant Pixiu of Ji Zhaotang, you can make the face of Pixiu anywhere.

3. Orientation of the bracelet head Pixiu:

The direction of the head of the different brave will also be different. The head of the brave bracelet is turned to the left or right. This problem is more common. First of all, when you wear a brave bracelet, you have to wear the brave on the left and the left on the right. Carrying the left hand has a very good sense for good luck, and at this time, if Pai Yao's head is turned, it should be in the direction of the little finger.

Notes:All bracelets Pixiu should not be worn on the left hand. There are also special cases. For example, the bracelet Pixiu with absorbent crystals can be worn on both left and right hands due to the special material. Hold the Pai Yao bracelet in each hand. the head is turned towards the little finger. So it depends on which hand you put your head on, left or right.

The direction of the brave's head is not clear in a nutshell; different answers should be given to him according to the different brave.

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